Faith is about asking questions, learning with others and deepening your spiritual life.

Our world is always changing and we encourage one another to keep exploring the evolving changes and understandings between faith and life. This exploration is done individually and collectively. We attempt to recognize with humility the limitations of our understanding. We seek to discover how the Spirit is leading for today without pitting faith against science or putting doctrine before people. We believe that we don’t have all the answers and that disagreement and discussion are healthy. We believe that Christian community is Christian not because it’s like-minded on every issue but because it is rooted in Jesus. Our congregation’s members, adherents and newcomers bring many lively perspectives.

A significant piece of learning is coming to understand what needs to be unlearned. Christians throughout the centuries have all too often bought into systems of oppression and have compromised the witness of Jesus’ good news of wholeness and abundant life. We as Christians in the Western World have had to unlearn oppression has it has related to Indigenous peoples, people of colour, women, LGBTQ+ people, and issues of wealth and poverty. All too often the church has hesitated to stand with those oppressed, and thereby compromised our witness of the good news of Jesus Christ. We seek to learn for the purposes of personal transformation and how we can participate more in God’s love for the world through receiving and living into God’s peace, justice, and grace.

Come join us through learning and unlearning.