Pastor Glyn Jones

Phone - 905-294-6242
Email[email protected]
God invites people to form communities to worship God, to support and encourage one another and do more than we can do alone. Community Mennonite Church and Rouge Valley Mennonite Church have invited Glyn Jones to provide pastoral leadership as they do this. Glyn is thrilled to be the pastor at Rouge Valley. Over the years he has found himself in many different places of ministry: Manitoba, Egypt, Botswana, and various places in Ontario. He has been surprised and delighted to see God at work in canoes, on buses, under trees, beside rivers, and in sand-covered deserts. Glyn loves working with people to nurture their gifts and working collaboratively to do things in new ways that help everyone move forward with God. Glyn is married to Susan Allison-Jones and has two amazing young adult daughters, Maeyken (Rob) and Adriaena.

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Rouge Valley Mennonite Church


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